Welcome To Avanti Marketing

Avanti was established in 1997. Since inception, the main focus of Avanti was directed towards bulk manufacturing. Over the 19 years of our existence, we have researched many different fields of industry and technology which greatly contributed to our current portfolio.

Avanti endeavors to promote manufacturing in South Africa to help strengthen the economy and create job opportunities. We believe by creating jobs we also improve skills in different fields. We have hope that our contribution will lead to encouragement of others to follow suite so that we can create an environment that attracts foreign investors.

Avanti specialises in fields such as:


Our Vision

The most important aspect of our vision we practice is never to start at the beginning of any new project, but rather to start with the end in mind. Our vision is brought to life by gaining a vivid picture that is filled with a clear understanding and strengthened by detail since great opportunities are always disguised as impossible situations. Therefore we believe that nothing is impossible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to always gain ground through mutual respect, loyalty, persistence and honesty. By incorporating quality systems and innovation that is driven by our vision we are always able to deliver on our mission. Our mission is to do more than what is expected, coupled with hard work and passion we are able to do anything.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a thermal cutting process that uses a laser beam to cut various types of metal used mainly in industrial manufacturing operations.

The laser beam is created in the laser resonator, transported to the laser head (normally via an optic cable in the case of fibre laser) where the beam is then focused at a very high power on a very small diameter to melt the material.

The laser cutting machine would involve a motion control system (a CNC) to follow a G-Code pattern to be cut onto the material created from a nesting software package where single or multiple parts are placed onto a single sheet of metal to be cut.



Cordless Cap Lamps

Ultralight, maintenance free, providing outstanding lighting power, comfort, safety with an autonomy of more than 14 hours continuous use. The EPS-K0 is suitable for a wide variety of applications that require a lot of flexibility and mobility.


> 6 Hours Charge Time
> 14 Hours Battery Life 3500 LUX Anti-Spark System
> Anti-Flame System
> Total Weight 198 g

Design and Fabrication

Aluminum is a great material for shipping and storage containers. Aluminum cases are lightweight; ultra-strong to support very heavy payloads; and resistant to impact, corrosion, solvents and unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI). They won’t crack or melt under extreme temperatures. Aluminum is easy to work with – no molds or special machines are needed.  So, customizing an aluminum case or creating a special size is affordable.