280 Cap Lamp Charging Racks


The 280 point charger rack is designed for the charging of miners cap lamp and should be used for this purpose only. The Rack is equipped with:

- 2 Mean Well power supplies (RSP 1500 - 5V) - 280 indication PCB’s - Toggle switch for on and off mode with

- 280 indication PCB’s

- Toggle switch for on and off mode

- Toggle switch for on and off mode with red bulb for indication - 16amp circuit breaker (Reset Switch) - The Body of the charger is made from stainless steel.

Indication PCB

- The PCB is equipped with DIP switch and 2 LED’s, Red and Green.

- The Dip switch can be set to compensate for different levels of parasitic load

Charging Supply Specification


  1. Mean Well switch mode power supplies are used for the conversation of 230VAC to 5VDC
  2. 230VAC is transferred from the Distribution box to the charger with 1.5mm cab tyre 3 core cable.
  3. The 230VAC enters the charger trough a series of bus bars where 2 power supplies are connected.
  4. A 16amp circuit breaker is placed in line for over current protection.
  5. The PSU will transfer constant 5VDC to bus bar.
  6. A negative key together with a positive plate that is connected to the bus bar will supply 1.5A at 5.2VDC. (The supply Voltage is adjustable between 4.75V - 5.5V)
  7. Please refer to the Specification attached hereto for details on the Mean Well.