Design & Fabrication

Custom Electric Enclosures

Enclosure Solutions wall mount enclosures are suitable for most industrial applications, where a minimum ingress protection standard of IP65 is required. The ES range of  electrical panels are designed for use in the electronics, electrical, computer and telecommunications industries as well as the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and maritime industry. Our ranges of wall mount enclosures are available in Mild Steel, 3CR12, 304 and 316 grades of Stainless Steel materials. All enclosure come standard with a chassis or mounting plate. A wide range of accessories are available.


  • Custom sizes and designs.
  • Neoprene sponge for door seal.
  • Lockable handle
  • Mild Steel- 1.6, 2.0mm or 2.0mm Stainless steel- 304L, 316L
  • Powder coated B2

Aluminum Shipping and Storage Cases & Stainless Steel Cabinets

Aluminum is a great material for shipping and storage containers.  Aluminum cases are lightweight; ultra-strong to support very heavy payloads; and resistant to impact, corrosion, solvents and unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI). They won’t crack or melt under extreme temperatures. Aluminum is easy to work with – no molds or special machines are needed. So, customizing an aluminum case or creating a special size is affordable.


Stainless steel Cabinets

Custom design and fabrication

Stainless steel 1.0mm, 1,5mm – 3cr12, 304L, 316L


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