Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting technology is designed to handle a wide range of cutting tasks over many unique applications. We only use the best machinery in the industry – Some of them is the CNC cutting machine for that precision you need.


• No more drilling, slotting, punching or marking
• Improvement in various efficiencies including accuracy & quality
• Engraving of Part Numbers, Centre Lines, Bending Lines, etc
• Drawings can be emailed as DXF files (preferred) or faxed
• Mild Steel: 16mm
• Stainless Steel: 8mm
• Galvanised Steel

Key Specifications/Special Features:

One machine for dual uses
Fiber laser cutting machine F-T model adds tube cutting function, meeting requirements for both plate metal and tube cutting. One machine for multiple uses.

Your concern, Bodor’s focus
Application of manual clamping chuck with extra-long mechanic claw to reduce material waste. Processing diameter falls between 20mm--200mm, which could meet most of the tube cutting requirements. Synchronized electric servo motor-driven chucks at both front and rear ends.

Novel technology application
Application of chuck, independently designed and developed by Bodor, is another example of novel technology that remarkably improves cutting precision and working efficiency.

Independent structures for integrated performance
Bodor breaks conventional design rule by separating the display screen and control cabinet. The unique design saves space for users and makes the machine placement more flexible.

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